Cheetah Struggles, upgrades and a batt charger question


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So, the stalls and adventures so far. Started out with no charge batt, but work out good cause I got upgraded up to 17ah at no charge, BIG Kudos to the folks at Glarewheel. Bike got knock down by our famous Ohio 30mph wind gust, bent chainring and derailleur, chainring not so made about cause the upgraded to 52t was in the works, the derailleur on the other hand, cost $30+, but now with new chairing and derailleur the Cheetah is in a strong prowl. Next had to be seat, I picked up the senior citizens cloud C9 along with a zoom seat post,my buttocks thanks me everyday😁. Fenders and rear rack got installed, now tweaking a cheap set of panniers, maybe sometime next week they be on. Next project are brake/turn signals and maybe a couple other small changes. Now for the charger question, I know that the charge that comes with the Cheetah is a pos ( or so I been told),anyone with any suggestions , comments, insight to share with me would be appreciated. Thank are a few pics of my cheetah, no wow factor, just plain Jane cheetah...


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Mr Miyagi

Hi JesPin0803, glad to have you and welcome to the Cheetah Forum.
Sorry to hear about your ride getting blown over by the strong winds. My Cheetah took off all by itself one time when I pulled over to repair it when it threw the chain off!! I went to place the chain back onto the chain ring without turning the bike off and it thought I was peddling. It ghost rode without me for about 5 feet and crashed hard into some thorn filled cactus and scratched her up a bit but no other damage. Note to self! Always turn off the power when working on your e-bike…
With regards to the charger, I’ve owned mine going on two years and still have not had any issues with the bike or it’s charger so I can’t help ya there. I did buy a senior citizens seat and mounted it to a suspension seat post cause...well, I am a senior citizen!! Lol and loving every minute.
Ride safe and enjoy the ride!


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Wow, I would had been scare to get back on ,it thinking something paranormal was going on Mr. Miyagi.
by letting me know you have had yours that long without problem, is help, so thank you.
your right rich, when I installed the c9 and zoom seat post, I was tweaking it to get a good siting position, I kept on telling myself that I was going to fix after getting back from riding , but I was to lazy, but thank you, by bringing it up motivated me to finally fix.