Choosing my first ebike, up to $2k budget


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Welp, the box came yesterday. But the bike in the box was an R750 HT (4.5" tires) instead of the Sport R750 (3" tires). I called them and left a brief message then sent them a lengthy email with pictures. Time to see what they're willing to do about it.
Anyone else have a similar experience getting the wrong bike? What was the fix they offered?

Update: They still have the Sport in stock so they're gonna send it off and i'll swap my still in box bike with the shipper when the new one arrives.
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Hey everyone,

So it's been a few days with the bike and there's been good and not so good moments.

The Good:
  • The bike: hoot and a half, but I'm sure that describes most ebikes. I've put 25 miles on the odo, 20 of which was on the first ride.

  • The sales support response to receiving the wrong bike: they replied in less than a day and I had the correct bike six days later. No sort of refund/compensation was offered but I didn't ask for any.

  • Video owner's guide: a nice touch for learning about/assembling the bike.

  • How it arrives/What it comes with: the only thing I had to buy to get the bike ready to ride that wasn't included was pedal grease. The tires were full, battery charged, and a reasonably useful multi tool was included for assembly which I decided to use. I did end up pulling out my own socket wrench since it was more comfortable but I appreciate the inclusion of the multi tool.
The Not So Good
  • Poor handling of the return shipment: when the freighter arrived with the new bike I had the other bike all ready to go. Turns out though there was a problem. Despite confirming with both M2S and Old Dominion Freight that all I needed to do was "print out two copies of the new bill of lading taping one to the box and giving the other to the gentleman picking it up" the man picking it up couldn't accept it because there was no "RA Number". I hadn't the slightest idea what he was talking about as I had done exactly what I was asked. I had just enough time to get M2S on the phone as he was unloading to see if I could get an RA Number but they were caught flat footed as well, even after they spoke to the freight man themselves. He gave us a very patient extra few minutes but M2S couldn't get an RA number, so he left without the return.

    It sucked that I couldn't just swap bikes then and there but I figured M2S would get right back to me like they did when the wrong bike got sent. That was 5 days ago. I still have this incorrect bike sitting in a box in my dining room taking up space. It's a bit weird how they're less motivated to get this bike back than they were to get me a second, correct order. I doubt something this expensive will turn into a "just keep it" like bad Amazon orders do but hey, who knows, a two-for-one ebike deal would certainly flip this onto "The Good" list.

  • Slow technical support response: the bike was easy enough to assemble with their video instructions save for the front fender, I can get it attached but it rubs the front tire. There's curiously no instructions on how to properly attach it. Also even more curiously when I tried to use their photos of the model to see if I could reverse build what I was seeing they had slight differences between them. Basically, the issue I'm having is how the top of the fender attaches to the suspension fork arch. You can't see the exact spot where the fender attaches to the arch. What you can see though is in some pictures they show it with a headlight sitting ahead of the arch while in others the headlight is behind the arch. I could only get the fender attached with the headlight sitting behind the arch and that was different from how my bike arrived, headlight pre-attached to the front.

    One of three things could be at play here: I'm an idiot, part(s) is bent or broken, I was sent an incorrect or missing part(s). Without a set of instructions I can't be sure If I'm doing it right. I reached out to them two days ago with this issue and haven't received even a confirmation of my support ticket.

Overall, I'm still glad I got the bike. I'd give the bike a 5/5 but M2S as a company is more like a 2/5 at this point. Maybe that'll change as the lingering issues resolve.