City Commuter Replacement Tire


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So I have a 28" City Commuter which I generally love, but I despise the tires. The Fat Franks are ok on the road but dreadful on gravel. I was looking at Schwalbe alternatives, and I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts. Based on the Schwalbe web site, the Marathon Mondials and E-Plus look like a major upgrade. I'm also wondering if the G-One Ultrabites would work. I'd appreciate any thoughts people have on these or other tire brands that would work. Thanks


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I replaced the Fat Franks on my Platinum Interceptor after only 200 miles. I ride mainly gravel trails and as you say, the Fat Franks aren't designed for that purpose. I replaced them with Schwalbe Marathon Plus MTB HS 468's which are super on rough surfaces. They are a bit noisier on pavement than the Fat Franks though.


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Maaxis Re-Fuse are a nice tire I've looked at - I'm not sure what you don't like about the Fat Franks on gravel, or what exact kind of surface you're riding on.
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