Civante Upgrades


It has been a year since I bought my Civante and posted. I still like my Civante. I am curious what upgrades people have done. A year ago I posted that I upgraded the tires to Pirelli Cinturato Velo TLC 32c tires that I run with tubes, a Shimano 105 11-28t cassette and 105 chain along with a carbon fiber seat post. I also upgraded the stem to a lighter 60 degree stem and short reach and short drop handlebars. With a light weight seat I dropped about 2.5 pounds off the bike. The tires made the most difference as the bike feels more nimble and accelerates faster. I probably get a few more miles of range due to the less rolling resistance but I have not confirmed it. The bike will never feel like a 23 pound bike but the ride is so much better. My son occasionally rides the bike and he noticed the difference immediately. The Pirelli's are rated high for puncture resistance and so far no flats and they are wearing well.

The Shimano 105 cassette and chain does shift a little smoother for sure and I like the closer gear ratio's of the 11-28t cassette vs the stock Tiagra 11-32t. They fit my cadence comfort better. I ride mostly in the large front chain ring and occasionally the small.
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I upgraded the drive train to Shimano 11 speed 105. rear hub wore out and replaced wheels with Bontrager.
Made it almost to 12,500 miles but motor wore out. At Yamaha dealership getting motor replaced under warranty, shout out to Yamaha