Class 3 preorder but need for bike trail help

I preordered a Ride1up LMT’D. It’s a class 3 buuuut I want to commute with this and the best route has a bike route (san diego, ca) that technically only allows for class 1 and 2.

pretty annoying as by definition it is a class 2 when using the throttle but it’s a class 3 because it can go to 28 on pedal assist instead of 20mph.

so, how often are tickets actually given? If I keep it under/at 20mph (which if I use the throttle will happen) then would anyone notice?

road bikes surely go faster at times.

Should I cancel my preorder and get a class 2?
Need some help


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Nevada City, CA & Paradise Valley, AZ
We often ride Sacramento's American River Trail system and Monterey's Bay Trail. Under State law only Class 1 or 2 electrics are allowed. The trail speed limits are posted at 15mph. Rangers infrequently patrol on bicycles. Cyclists, mech and electric, often exceed the speed limit. In the 20+ years we've been riding segments of these trails, I've never seen a ranger issuing a ticket to any cyclist. Personally, I'm not concerned about being cited while riding these trails with our Class 3 electrics, but we do observe the speed limits and other safety rules.

Your trail enforcement may be different. I'm not going to suggest you break the law, but if you have other reasons to own a Class 3 electric (road riding?) you need to consider how likely it is that you may be cited. If you don't need the top speed of a Class 3 or feel that the odds of a citation are too high, then by all means go for a Class 1 or 2.


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The Juiced CrossCurrent X is a Class 2 bike.

Because when it's packed, it comes with Class 2 restriction, Class 2 sticker, etc.

But you can just adjust the top speed to Class 3, as with many other bikes.

What if you limit your bike to Class 2? Isn't that the same idea? 🤔

Bolton sells the sticker too, whatever to your settings.