Cleaning a Vado in Winter

Mr. Max

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This is a very minor tech tip, but for me it's blown my mind. I live in New England and am one of those eccentric folks and ride my Vado 4 year round. Not every day or while it's actually snowing, but if it's not snowing and is 25 F or up I try to ride at least 10 miles. Because of winter road salt and gravel I wash the bike carefully after every ride. Ordinarily, I use a hand pump garden sprayer with water in it to carefully wash the bike. Yesterday I had an epiphany. I went to the hardware store and bought a connector to connect a garden hose to the utility sink in my laundry room. I carefully washed the bike with warm water. It was so much easier to clean the bike with warm water! I'm super careful around the electronics and used the hose at very low pressure. Basically, I follow these instructions from a Specialized Canada video on how to wash a Levo. Figure it has to be essentially the same process:

A steady stream of fresh warm water to wash a bike outdoors in winter. Can't believe I never thought about that before. Next is the car! Cheers!!