Close-out New Fleet type bikes


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What price would you pay for a new "close-out" e-bike? 350 Watt, 36V Hub Motor, Pedal assist, Step through model with 26" wheels and tires.
7 speed Shimano Altus derailleur, rear disc brake.
Class one- up to 20 MPH (easily and realistically 15 MPH)

Close-out = possibly no warranty but new in a box requiring minimum assembly.


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With ebikes from reputable companies being shipped to your door for $1000 with 750watt hubs (realistically a 500watt hub bumped up), front and rear disc, support from importer, throttle (class 2) I would pay $700 max for what you found. My 2cents.

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Split the difference at around $600 without warranty, returns, or refunds available.


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with those specs i would probably keep it moving.
if i was into the specs maybe $500/599 but its really hard to say without a pic and a little more info.