close to are the long hills?


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Greetings Haibike Friends:

I'm new to the forum and my only e-bike experience has been with a very unreliable older bionx system.

I used to ride quite a bit and raced mtb, road, and cross. Last 10 years, riding slowed waaay down and I've put on a lot of weight and lost most of my fitness. My excuse for not riding much anymore is that we now live in some pretty steep foothills--hence the interest in an e-bike. Did I mention I became...mature... in the process? (55)

After a bunch of research and the wise words found here, I am close to pulling the trigger on a 2014 Haibike 29er and was wondering how current owners feel about its capacity for long, steep hills? I rode one today on a 13% short incline and it floated. I want to use it for commuting and need to have confidence it is going to help me get up the last 1 1/2 miles of hill.

Thank you for any help.:)


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Absolutely! Tour adds a lot of power. By the time you get up to Turbo nothing gets in your way.
Plus, the need to pedal always, helps tremendously on the road to better fitness.
You can't go wrong, but read my IM also!