Clunking feeling.


Both my wife's Shred and mine have a clunk feeling in 6th gear. It feels like a tooth on the cassette is bent or something to that effect.
I've looked real hard at both cassettes and see nothing out of the ordinary. You can't feel it when the bikes on the bike stand. Only when out riding.
We are usually in level 1 or 2 and 6th gear is kind of the go to gear for our speeds. Mine does it slightly in 7th as well but not nearly as noticeable as 6th gear. All other gears are silky smooth. I even tried some derailleur adjusting and it made no difference.
Really irritating.
Anyone have anything like this or maybe an idea if it could be something else?

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Hello, the clunking feeling could be one of 3 things off the top of my head. One, the most likely culprit, is the derailleur adjustment or more likely the derailleur hanger is bent ever so slightly (the part that holds the derailleur to the frame). A couple other things that can effect this, is a worn chain, or a worn cassette. My guess however is that the derailleur hanger has a slight bend and would need to be trued or replaced, especially so if the noise is only in one or two spots through the cassette.

Hope that helps you out!