Cobra Linear Inner Tube – No Wheel Removal Required


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I got reminded about a post I had made on these inner tubes back in early 2013 and it was pointed out that they may appeal to e-bike riders as they allow for the removal of the tube without having to remove the wheel. I am sure a bonus for rear wheels.

fly-cobra-tubes.jpg linear-bike-tube-diagram.jpg

At the time there was only a 20" tube but there was talk of a 26" one as well [EDIT: There is a 26" tube on the market]. I have had a look at Flybikes website but cannot see any updated information. Still they may be worth trying to find out more... And you can chill out to Neil Diamond whilst fixing your puncture :)



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These are pretty cool right?! They came up in another thread when we were talking about Slim and other tire repair stuff. The one drawback is that the Fly Cobra tires are made by urban riders who run on BMX and trials bikes that don't have quick release so they only offer 26" tubes. Would be great if they began offering 700c as well. I wrote to them and shared the thought, maybe someday :)
Are these still to be had? I googled , no US or UK.
as of June 11 2015
I have a limited desire to carry a 21mm wrench and on the Nuvinci and Rohloff? fugitaboutit
doable but a real pain