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Anyone know of a place to get the emotion bikes worked on in Atlanta Ga that knows what they are doing. My bike was n so called shop for 2 months basically replaced everything, even new motor. 3rd time out on bike since I got it back and died at 10 miles. 03 code. I’ve checked all connections still 03 code.
Any suggestions???


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Probably too late for you but others looking at this thread might be interested in my experience of this problem...

I had a similar problem with mine (Evo City) and I resolved it by removing and cleaning the torque sensor, then reinstalling it and adjusting the 2 screws to the correct torque setting (1Nm I think - I just used a cordless drill for this on it's weakest setting - number 1 - basically just a light snug tighten with a screwdriver!). I did have the problem reoccur a couple of times since and resolved it by wiping the plate between the torque sensor and the chain with a dry cloth (no need to remove wheel or sensor!). It seems to be sensitive to certain types of residue on that plate. For example, a chain wax I had tried caused it to completely stop working once a bit of it accumulated on the plate!

There's a manual here with some hit-and-miss info about repairing the torque sensor (on my bike, the 2 screws that need adjusting are unfortunately not exposed - you need to take the wheel off and the sensor out).

One more tip about that manual: there is a lot of emphasis on measuring the voltage from the torque sensor. I gave up trying to do that. I couldn't find any part of the wires exposed where a voltage reading could be taken. Also I assume, this voltage needs to be checked with battery and everything else in place, including the torque sensor itself (which seems practically impossible - maybe it's only possible with the BH diagnostic tool).


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I am in Atlanta with Velofix looking at my multiple errors, no 03 , plenty of 05, 13, 09 and one with no info 17. They are/ have written to BH lat week , no response yet....who in Atlanta is a Bh dealer /repair site. I finalize my move at the end of the month , the bike is currently at our house near the Silver Streak trail