Colour of status LED lights on Yamaha battery


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Hello, this is maybe a strange question.
I have a one year old Haibike with Yamaha 500Wh in-tube battery. I have stored the battery inside this winter, with half ((or less) charge.
Recently I checked the battery and pushed the status button to see the charge status on the LED lights. Two red LEDs lit up, no flashing, see photo.
The thing is I am 99 percent certain that these LEDs always had a green light, but now they are red. The lights don't flash,
I have checked battery status and capacity by holding the button down for 30 seconds, everything seems fine. I inserted the battery in the bike and turned it on, no error message on the display.
Why am I so sure that these lights were always green? Can anybody with the same battery please check what colour these LEDs have?
Thanks for your help!


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