Comfort for 10 year old with HyperScorpion passenger kit?


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Hello! I currently have a Rad Runner with the passenger seat and use that to haul my 10 year old from home to camp and back. The bike has been fine, but I want something a bit quicker, comfortable, and love the integrated mirrors and blinkers. I looked at Nui e-Scooters but I live in Portland and an e-bike and lanes/paths available for use here are just more favorable than a scooter on main roads.

I'm 6' and know to get the seat riser, but my main question I can't see pictures/reviews of is how well the passenger kit works. I haven't seen any pictures of both rider and passenger on it. I'm concerned about the space back there and also have big of a risk the chain is. With the Rad Runner there's a plexiglass cover over the wheel spokes and the chain is routed behind the frame providing more protection for the passenger.

Has anyone installed this on a HyperScorpion and offer any info?