commuter +7s now with Kiox


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About a year ago i bought a brand new Giant anytour e+1 .Within a few months i got several problems, all solved nicely.
But then the motor began to give some problems, the motor support went missing for a few seconds. Unfortunalty this
happend once in a few days. For me the fun was over. I swapped the bike and went for my Trek Commuter +7S.
Men, what a bike. The build quility is so much better. The only downside was the Purion controller. On the giant you
had a cockpit wich was connected to your phone. You could monitor your bike and results. And now i had the Purion.
There is nothing more basic then this. After reading some articles i went for it. I bought a Kiox screen and seperatly
the controllers. This costed me 145euro`s. Now my bike has everything i want. I can save my ride`s and even navigate.
If anyone has any doubt, i say go for it. It took me about three hours to change it.