Commuter Bike for Female, 350 pounds, $3500?


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Hey team -

I'm pretty fat. I weigh 325 and anticipate I'll usually have at least a backpack with me. I've read that I might want to go with a cargo bike, but I'd like it to look fairly "normal."
  • can carry 350lb capacity
  • can travel min. 10 miles without recharge
  • doesn't have like a huge bucket or a long tail
  • 3.5 miles to work, up to 6 miles is as far as I anticipate ever going
Sorry, I don't really know anything about bikes though I've ridden my whole life. My last bike, Janet, was a Schwinn hybrid in the $350 range (manual).

Is there a bike out there for me?


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The 2017 easy motion 27.5 pro plus would be an excellent choice. The new 600wh battery will take you 3-4 times that distance easily. I've never been under the weight limit of these bikes myself, and never an issue. Essay motion makes quality products, and the new 500watt motor is very strong.


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Have fun no matter what you choose.. Just get out there~

I take it that you haven't ridden a bike in a while? The most important aspect is how you feel riding the bike, and for that reason you should find a local ebike dealer. And test ride a few.. Don't be shy about trying a bunch of bikes cheap to expensive.. It's your money and ebikes have a huge depreciation curve, so when you buy it you own it~

I can tell you what NOT to buy:

1. Don't buy a bike with a Geared hub motor.. So you should buy either a direct drive hub motor or a mid drive motor.. Geared motors are not good for load. Direct drive motors are very reliable.
2. Don't buy a bike with narrow tires.. Minimum of 2.5" wide.. I can tell you from experience you will enjoy a 20" tire x 3 inches wide.. You will fell safe and stable on it.
3. Don't buy a bike with a battery that is smaller than 36v10ah.. You don't need the range, but you do need starting power, so get a good sized battery, more than you need.. Batteries degrade whether you use them or not, so get one that is at least 3x more battery range for YOU and it will last 5 years if you take good care of it.
4. Don't worry about the seat, there a million aftermarket seats for a million butts.
5. Don't accept the list price or the sale price.. The markup on these bikes is tremendous... I would shoot for at least 30% off, and maybe try to find last years model, just make sure you get the factory warranty with it.


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I'm really excited to get out there and I think have some power backing me, as someone who's really out of shape, will help me push farther than I'd usually feel comfortable - because I know I can get back with a little extra help.

I used to ride a bike all day around a college campus and the nearby town, but it's been about two years. I'm gonna stop by my local ebike dealer next weekend!


Some of the bikes from radpowerbikes could be good fits, depending on your preferences. The radcity has very traditional bike "looks" but is sturdy and well set up as a commuter.