Commuter Bike Suggestions, please


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Good evening from Geneva, Switzerland.

My wife is interested in purchasing an ebike for her commute to work across town. The commute is 6 km with about 50 meters of climb and decent over the journey, according to Google Maps.

Now to the specs... She does not need anything too powerful or filled with high end features. It should have a good harmony between the components. She also prefers a step through frame. While not important, she likes ones with a retro look. The Peugeot eLegend is an example of the style she prefers.

Thank you in advance for any help given.



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The Decathlon Elops 940E is worth a test ride. It has a good Shimano Steps mid-drive motor, and a front suspension fork for comfort. Plus essential commuter gear: lights, fenders, and a rack.

The Giant AnyTour E+1 is also nice, with a more powerful Yamaha mid-drive motor, and comes in 4 sizes vs 2 for the Decathlon.

An elegant classically styled step through ebike is the Diamond Juna Deluxe+

If money is no object a very pretty design is the Schindelhauer Hannah.
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