Commuter, bike trail, fire roads and maybe trekking


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I may be looking for a unicorn: an ebike under $2k that prioritizes distance over speed; front shocks; 48v and can support a Clydesdale. Removable lcd and bottle cage is a plus. Don't care about fenders; care about reliability.

Last year I purchased a Diamondback Trace ex from REI, but returned it because of a problem with the sensor and less than zero in-store/corporate support. I've heard REI and Diamondback isn't selling ebikes any longer. I think the eparts were bolt on Currie.

How I will use the ebike: commuting/errands around town; riding along the American River Parkway and other bike trails; fire roads in the Santa Cruz Mountains (not technical paths); stretch goals: Highway One between San Francisco and San Jose, maybe multi-day trekking

Izip E3 Dash Electric Bike - 2016 - correct price and voltage, but it has a small amp battery

Pedegos are great, the City Commuter is close, but are way over my budget, especially with the extended. battery, but doesn't have a front fork suspension. Old Sacramento dealer is a respected LBS in the area.

Haibike SDURO Trekking 4.0 Low Step - nearly perfect, but budget buster

Haibike Sduro TREKKING SL EBIKE - nearly perfect, "only" $300 over max, max budget

Felt Verza-e 10 - nearly perfect, but budget buster. A senior citizen used one to bike across the country.

I'm open to a used ebike, depending on seller and condition.

Your thoughts?




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Biktrix Monte 1000 @$2195 with free shipping, 48v/750w/30a Bafang mid drive system with partially integrated motor and battery. With this bike you can move clydesdales and unicorns.

You may not like the performance of the 250w/36v systems on the major brand mid drives.
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riding along the American River Parkway
Great ride infrastructure there, wish we had such a path. Can you tell me are there any LBS's around your area that have a large inventory of Haibikes?. Have you checked out "Shocking Rides" in Eldorado Hills?


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330lbs max weight, front shocks, 48v. Should be able to mix and match the upgrades to keep it under $2000. Gotta wait til july though.


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I am doing the same kind of riding. I got a 2016 Haibike Sduro RC in sale for 2100.


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