Como - wanting to raise the bars a bit


My wife and I just purchased our first E-bikes (Vado 4.0 for me, Como 4.0 for her) and love them. She did mention that she wished the handle bars we just a bit higher, she said about an inch (which I think is about 25mm).
What is the best way for me to do this? Is there some riser on Amazon I should get or is there a better way?

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Just search Amazon for "1 1/8" stem riser". There are plethora of them. These stem risers are fully adjustable but most of them are intended for some 75 mm (3") rise. Often, the cable slack does not allow to place the handlebars as high. Yet, as I said, the A-HEAD standard stem risers are fully adjustable for height (you do it with the provided spacers).


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You want either a stem with a positive degree or a threadless head tube extension. As Stefan said, depending on where you want the bars you'll need the brake hoses and shifter cable and housing extended. The rear brake hose and derailleur cable/housing run under the motor. Not a small job, but simple enough for most shops. If you extend the hoses the brakes will need re bled.

Get an idea of how high you want the bars and take it to your LBS to have the job done right. Going lower with the bars is easier than higher. Kinda like, measure twice cut once.


I wonder if a higher rise handlebar might be easier?

The handlebar on my daughter-in-law's Specialized Alibi might work. I think it is an 80mm rise. Might be an issue to find.


Thanks everyone!
I found some that look good and also looked at these for her:

Would this work ok - not sure the diameter of the handle bars but like the idea of a little more adjustment. Seems simple enough.


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Yo might ask Brendon about needs for replacing the flo-stem with this.

You'll need a new headset top cap, it's a relatively standard headset cap, any Specialized shop should have one or get one pretty easily. You'll also need standard headset spacers too depending on where you want the stem.
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Adjustable stems are the easiest way to raise the bars. You will not have to remove the grips, brakes or shifters to swap out the stem. They almost always come with a removable face plate. If you do not know what you are doing, let your bike shop pick the stem and replace them. Keep your old stem just in case you want to go back. Remember, as you rotate the stem upwards it is also moving backwards so you should get a stem that is longer than your current stem. If you don't know the facts and figures, check with the shop you bought from. Adjustable stems run about $20 on eBay and Amazon. There is nothing special about them that you have to buy the much more expensive stems with nice brand names. I use an adjustable stem on my mountain bike (on rough single track trails) with no issues. I can swap out a stem in less than ten minutes easily. Finally, avoid buy a fixed angle stem. Chances are that it will not be the right angle and they cost $15-20 each. Gets pricey when you end up buying two of them.