Comparing efficiency of bikes the Trek Domane +HP and Creo SL EVO


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In my review of the Domane yesterday, I eluded to perhaps looking at a comparison of efficiency of these two bikes. Today I rode on the Domane 42.15 miles and used 365 watt hours. My power ratio was spot on 50/50 of pedal assist and me (Used a blend of Tour, Eco and Off), the Average speed was 20.2 miles/hour and there was 2643 feet of climbing. I returned home with 27 percent left in the battery which would leave with 14 miles left of assist and total estimated range of 57.73 miles. This represents 8.65 Watt-Hr/Mile

Last week I rode the Creo EVO SL along the same area in similar conditions and not pushing the bike in any way, the Average speed was 19.15 MPH, Duration 1:45 min, Distance 33.52 miles, Total used battery power was 310 W/Hrs - 10 W/Hr remaining. The bike is returning 9.24 Watt hours per mile. The expected remaining distance on the battery is about 1 mile for a total of 34.52 miles. The bikes vary about .6 Watt-hr/mile in a light -medium usage pattern

So in this particular case the Trek is demonstrating that its about 6.82 (call it 7) percent more efficient than the Creo. Should I have been able to attach an external battery (160 watt-hr water bottle) to the Creo, this route would yield me a total 51.94 miles; Whereas as the the Domane will arrive with 57.73 miles on the odometer thus yielding an approximately five miles difference in addition to being about mile an hour faster; To me this seems is a substantial difference in performance at comparative price points. The Domane with a secondary battery while under hilly but not mountainous terrain should be able to reach easily 110 miles or so. If your planning longer rides and you want less overall range anxiety then perhaps the Domane should be on a very short list should it fit you well.