Concerned about hub noise-Solved!


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Rear wheel/hub noise normal !
I posted a couple times about noise coming from the rear of my 700. Finally found a LBS that offered advice. In Yuma of all places. Sonaran Bikes in Old Town. My concern: Bike stationary-pulled the rear brake-rocked the 700 back and forth- got a clicking noise. First thing the tech did was go to the brake (which R1U also advised) All good. Spokes OK (I even oiled every spoke where they crossed!) Final diagnosis: "All good. Rear hubs make noise sometimes." He had a word for the phenomenon but I don't recall the term. Also he said he had just assembled another R1U and they are great quality. He also doesn't sell eBikes. "Online sales has ruined this portion of the bike market for storefronts". In my opinion, a smart move, rather than try to justify Trek, Pedigo and Specialized extreme pricing. He seemed perfectly happy to work on my 700 if needed. Good vibes from this experience. Another tip: A great waiting place while getting your bike serviced is Lutes Casino-a block from Sonaran Bike. What a day !!! Ride the Colorado River bike paths, bike concern solved, a pounder and a corned beef sandwich. Life is good.

Mike N.

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My local bike shop is the same. They do not sell E-bikes but have no problem working on mine and other customers who have one. I would assume as long as it is mechanical and not electrical. All my concerns have been regular mechanical issues.