Confortable bike seats


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For our Pace 500 bikes we got 2 DAWAY oversized comfortable bike seats C60 for $26 each from Amazon. There might look embarrassing big, but if you are sitting on them, they cannot be seen. After a 25-mile ride there is no pain in the but. We tried another brand but the rails to arrack the post to were not parallel which made them unsafe so we sent them back.
We also bought 2 GANOPPER Suspension seat posts for $32 each also at Amazon.
Between the seats and the suspension seat posts the ride is so much more comfortable.

rich c

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Seats are very specific to the riders taste. I ride traditional seats that fit my sit bones, not the flesh. 45 mile rides produce no discomfort. You can get fitted for a seat at a good local bike shop. Maybe not a bad investment compared to buying several seats on Amazon. It will interesting to see how long a $32 suspension seat post will last, my guess, not too long. Happy riding.


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I bought a DAWAY C40 for my mom's old ebike, and it's decent quality, all metal frame/suspension, and really quite comfy. It's not on par with a truly premium seat, but for casual riders, they will meet the need quite nicely.

And with those simple pogo stick seatposts, I'd suggest a little regular lubrication (grease) with cleaning and inspection should keep it working smoothly enough. They are friction slides, so once they get dry and dirty, they will seem stiffer and much less responsive than a geometric mechanism. The problem with that style is that it's not in line with the force generated by minor vibration and impacts (up and forward, not up and back), so you don't get maximum efficiency and damping. You'd certainly get something though on the big hits, and the spring suspension on the DAWAY seat should help isolate the minor stuff. Fine for the value.

One of the designs with the parallelogram or dual springs can produce a much more natural arc to absorb the small stuff, and don't change the seat to pedal distance as dramatically.