Considering an closeout ST1 but concerned the ST2 battery is not compatible


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Is anyone concerned that it may be difficult to get an ST1 battery in the future if the ST2 is already not backwards compatible?

Shea N Encinitas

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I doubt they are dropping ST1 production, it is hard enough to sell a 4 thousand dollar bike let alone a 7 or 8 thousand model. They may even be required to support the product for 7 years IIRC. Third party replacements/rebuilds are also likely IMO. -S


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More likely that the ST2 design would be terminated before the ST1.

I bought a Stromer closeout last year and very happy with it. Not worried in the least about batteries or motors/controllers etc.

I can't imagine BMC, who owns Stromer, would leave their ST1 owners stranded by abandoning the spare parts inventory... Unless they decided to give up on eBikes altogether. Then they would sell the brand to someone else.


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For both ST1 and ST2 valid: Once sold, the battery will be the only (regular replacement) part which brings money (to BMC).

It's correct, myStromer AG could vanish from market from one day to another. But - as a startup - they now begin earning money (after years with loss). So why should they give up now?