Console powering on then immediately powering off--no beeps


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I just thought I'd put this solution out there incase someone else had the issue.

I have a BionX Li-Mn 36V battery and G2 Console. Every time I pushed the power button, the console would come on and then immediately go off. The battery level was alway zero, even after a full charge.

If I was persistent (like pushed the power button 3 or 4 times,) the console would say on and I would get a beep but not the normal 3 beeps. Also when the console came on, the speed of the wheel would go directly to zero; normally, the speed would count down to zero.

Looking at the diagnostic codes, the voltage was fine but got an error 26 - "No communication between Console and Battery".

Disconnecting and reconnecting all the connections didn't make a difference EXCEPT for disconnecting and reconnecting the throttle female port to the console. (Sorry, I don't know the name of this actual piece.) I was beginning to believe my battery or hub had developed a serious problem. Yay for simple fixes!

Hope this helps someone.


Ann M.

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Good observation, @rdstokes! Another common BionX issue is the system getting locked in Regen mode. Another simple fix, adjust the position of the regen sensor inside the sleeve to where it isn't so close to the magnet on the brake lever. Instantly back in regular operation. We usually put a small dab of hot glue on the wire going to the sensor to keep it from moving around if this issue happens frequently.