Contro E-Speed 28 mph - any owners out there?


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Long time lurker ....first time poster. I am wondering if anyone has first hand experience with the Conrto-Espeed by Cannondale. The bike has been discontinued but there is stock out there at a reasonable price. It features Bosches Mid drive Performance Motor and has some other nice features. However not much on line about it and I'm looking for opinions and feedback on this model. I am considering purchasing it on a clearance and was hoping someone might have additional information or insight.



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I went for it after doing much studying and many inquiries. Looks like a no brainer if it fits your riding style. I noticed that it was equiped similarly to a Reis Muller, with the same Bosh system and even the same display. We had been looking at a coulple of Specialized 3.0's but after riding them I agreed with others, in that it was a class 1 bike (20 mph) that had the motor slightly altered to bring it up to 28 mph. That's all well and good but they didn't do anything with the gearing and you have to keep up a hectic cadence at higher speeds. The Contro-e has a more natural cadence at higher speeds. Everything looks top notch on it. I don't think you could go wrong. I haven't come up with any serious negatives yet. I didn't like the grips, seat or pedals but those are all personal prefference items any way. Being a life long cyclist, mostly on road bikes, I find it a great ride. I think the frame only comes in small and large. I'm 6'3", 200 lbs, my wife is 5'11", 135 lbs. We both got the large. We tested them out on a couple of known "killer" hills and shot up them as easy as can be. We averaged around 25 mph on the straight aways and 17 on the average hill. On our self propelled bikes we would have been doing 17 on the straights and 7 on the hills.