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Hi Court, do you know of any after market controler that I could use with the Ebike pictured, or something similar, to make it a class 3 Ebike.
Thanks I look forward to hearing from you soon.


rich c

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Someone else will probably have an answer for you, Court doesn't answer very often. It would help to give some specs because I can't expand that picture enough to even see the model name.


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It's a velectrix urban+ bike unisex,

The VelectriX Urban Unisex is an affordable e-bike built for commuting and recreational riding. Equipped with quality components that you would normally expect on expensive e-bikes, the no-nonsense design is classic and stylish, yet still very practical. The step-thru frame is comfortable and easy to use, while the bike is powered by a super quiet 250 watt rear hub motor and 11ah lithium ion battery that will assist you climbing hills and give you an easier and more enjoyable riding experience. It can cover up to 50 kilometres at a time and takes only 3-4 hours to recharge. It comes fitted with front & rear lights, chain guard, side stand, reflectors, bell, front and rear mudguards and a rear carry rack.

The VelectriX Urban Unisex e-bike is one of the most affordable e-bikes on the market, but doesn’t sacrifice quality, it just doesn’t have any unnecessary features. Each component combines seamlessly. While the motor and battery deliver impressive performance, meanwhile you’ll barely even notice the motor, it really is that quiet. This bike can help you ride further and faster, with less effort, what more could you want?

  • Super quiet 250 watt rear hub motor
  • 50 kilometre range
  • 3-4 hours to recharge
  • Alloy frame.



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Straight up, not intended to be a Debbie Downer, but expecting 28mph from a 250w motor run at 36 volts is a pretty enthusiastic target, on any kind of reliable basis anyway. I would suggest you enjoy it as is or sell it and use the proceeds towards something with a little more potential. If talking a 500 watt motor run on 48 volts you might have a chance at 28mph.