Converting 2005 Globe


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I've been thinking of converting my old Globe. I'm basically ignorant as to how go about getting some of the electrical components I'll need for a conversion. Since my first ebike cracked its frame, I've been planning to utilize it's components for a DIY project. I have a Nexus 8 rear hub along with a 350 watt front hub and a 36v -12Ah battery. What I need is a 36 volt controller and the wiring harness to tie it all together. Any suggestions on where to find what I need to tie it all together would be appreciated.


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Go to GRIN technologies...they have a number of controllers that run from about $130 to $450 (Can). They can sort out your wiring because they supply DIY parts for numerous motors (front and rear hub motors). So I would take some pictures of your cabling coming out of the 350 watt hub and the cabling coming out of your battery. They are a bunch of mechanical engineers that designed their own controller, display and even a motor. Go too ...find their contact information and start the conversation with Justin (the owner).


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For something like that, I'll use a 20A KT sine wave controller that works on either 36 or 48V. With LCD display, brake levers, throttle, PAS sensor, speed sensor, for under $100. The wire harness is typical kit crude, but wrap it in that twist stuff, and it's discreet.