Converting Specialized Roll to ebike


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I found a post about motorizing the Roll and am looking at doing the very same on our Rolls. I have the the first yr model Elite and just bought my wife a 2018 Elite on Clearance that I will be converting. I am asking if for the exact specs to buy for both bikes. We were looking at the lectric folding bikes and they just seemed so throwaway that I decided to go this route since I already had 1 Roll and wife's was able to get what she wanted. They both have hydraulic brakes, so looking I see there is an adapter I may need. But if you can please let me know about the gears if they are cassette or freewheel and batteries. Looking on Amazon I think this is what I need but would like confirmation . looking at the rear rack battery as of now but would like to be able to swap out extra battery, don't know if it is able to be. Thanks for any advice, this is all new to me and any help would be appreciated


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A Rolls owner could tell you whether it's cassette/free-wheel, but since you will have to bay a $10 tool anyway to remove either, you might as well look yourself.

Buy the battery separately, if you want to specify name brand cells or if you want to be sure of a higher level of construction. They will cost more.

I have one bike with a rack battery. For riding on pavement, I don't have any problem with weight distribution or balance, because it is a mid drive, but if it were a hub motor, the rear would be noticeable heavier when lifting the bike.