Cool tools from including Satiator and Cycle Analyst


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Warning. I am listed as a dealer, but no longer sell, I only support, at no cost.
I love the stuff from this company. Leaders i the indicatory for more than a decade. Some really useful tools and fabulous kits as well. All top shelf. Wortth poking around and looking at their products and online tools. I REALLY like


"This web software tool is designed for post-trip analysis of any electric vehicle journey that has been logged with a Cycle Analyst. The Cycle Analyst does not itself log your trip data, so in order to have these stats you need to capture and save the data stream to a computer using a communications cable or a hardware saving device such as the Cycle Analogger."

Ann M.

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Agreed, Thomas! Their electronic tools are good and Grin Technologies torque arms are the best on the market. Nicely machined, too.