Copenhagen bike infrastructure / success


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cop bikes.jpg

Build it and they will come ... While this does not give the mix of ebikes , shows what can be accomplished


Ann M.

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Good article, @SCbikeer! Clean, alternative transportation can work with a whole community and city on board. It's a matter of making choices that help to make it functional.


Amazing! I see maybe one rider every few weeks on my ride to work. This article inspires me to visit and get lost riding in Copenhagen. Someone recently posted a few videos (maybe from Switzerland) discussing bike infrastructure and I am definitely jealous. On Saturdays I usually ride around with my kids and they are great riders, but I wouldn't feel comfortable leaving the neighborhood streets with them.

Ann M.

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You're welcome, @SCbiker...never hurts to doll up a post every now and then ;). Of course, it doesn't hurt that this is Copenhagen, a beautiful city and culture.