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Bud Baker

My conversion of a 2010 Trek Pure Sport with an 8Fun 500 W 48V 11.4 amp hour frame mount is done. Purchased from EM3ev. The conversion included all new cables, brakes, derailleur and adding mirrors, bell, lights and clipless pedals. I installed the big green button shift assist on the left of the bar and used the included brake with cut off on the right. The 5 button controller is on the left and the throttle on the right. There is not much space left on the bar as it is a curved riser for comfort positioning so finding a flat section of bar is limited. The conversion was fun and a learning experience and I was fortunate to have a good mechanic offering advice. The BB is 73 mm and it took some trial and error to make sure the lock ring was flush against the frame. Get lots of washers if you have this install situation. When finished I took the bike to a church parking lot and spent an hour in practice mode. The button cut off works great for shifting and it becomes like an electric clutch quite quickly on the learning curve. Smooth shifts especially down. Very responsive with some delay as reported by others. I did learn the hard way to keep your weight shifted to the side of your bike where your shoe is released before you stop. SPD is new to me. Gravity is alive and well. Now on to a road trip. 15 miles with some hills 6 to 10% and I was either in 0 to 1 level with a small Portion in 2-3 maybe consisting of 1/4 mile. The last section home is 12% and I resorted to full throttle in low gear for maybe 100 yards. Climbed at 9mph. The pedal assist seemed to act as a cadence assist in that the harder I worked the less themotor would help for any given level. If I was say in level 1, and Iwas exerting minimal effort, the motor would kick in quitenoticeably. If I was upping my effort the motor would back off but the end result was the same depending on what gear I was in. Part of my trip was rail trail, part major road and part country dirtgravel road. All said I did get in a workout but the 8Funperformed flawlessly. There were times I was glad to have the assist. Oh, used 1 bar on the battery scale. Next is a trip on the railtrail 30 miles round trip to our closest sizable market. Yes, we dolive in rural NH. Cheers.

Ann M.

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@Bud Baker, nice descriptions! Got some pictures to include? Would love to see your new wheels:) BTW, some clip in pedals have a small screw to adjust the tightness of the clip in the pedal, so you can make it easier to pop out until you're more sure of the pedal. Also, some systems allow for a few degrees of rotation, which again can save your knees if your feet pronate or you need a little room for movement. Check it out.