Cost-Benefit Comparison XDuro and SDuro

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Google Cost-Benefit Sheet link.

The second step is to plot the benefit ratings relative to each other.

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XDuro RX Spec Sheet vs. SDuro AllMtn Pro Spec Sheet

The major difference between the bikes is obviously the motor. Most of the differences between the two bikes, based on the Haibike spec sheets, were small. To complete the comparison, I need to gather info from more sources.

Placing the components side-by-side makes comparing much easier.

The side-by-side comparison is intended to be used with this cost-benefit analysis.

I consider the Yamaha motor superior to Bosch. I contacted Curry Tech for availability date of Haibike SDuro AllMtn Pro or any Yamaha motor to USA on 2/23/2015. I have not heard back. We should have at least one Yamaha in the US!


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The automobile industry has a long-standing history of using "Star Plots" to visually diagram differences between cars. The second step is to plot the ratings. We can also include personal information, i.e., our Heart Rate.

The following Star Plot illustrates a typical ride. All bike considerations are rated a "3", on a scale from 1 to 5. We also score our personal information , i.e., Heart Rate, as a "3", or average.

The following Star Plot tries to convey an under-powered bike because the outcome, Heat, has the highest score of "5". The bike was overheated.

If we scored Heat as too cold, "1", for another bike, then that motor is over-powered. The potential power was never utilized, so we overpaid for the bike.

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Now that the concept of star plots has been introduced, we will compare the Felt 3 Mountain and NINEe bikes in a star plot.

To evaluate the bike from a holistic viewpoint, we considered the outside temperature, bike speed, additional weight, steepness, etc.... To make this comparison relevant we will compare:
  1. Economy - eBike rated as 3/5. Mountain bike 5/5.
  2. Elegance - eBike 5/5. Mountain 3/5.
  3. Excitement - both 4/5.
  4. Endurance - eBike 5/5. Mountain 3/5
  5. Enjoyment- eBike 5/5. Mountain 4/5.
  6. Ease - eBike 5/5. Mountain 3/5.

The Star Plot for the NINEe electric bike tradeoff decisions made by Ms. Ease:

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The Star Plot for the Nine 3 mountain bike tradeoff decisions made by Mr. Endurance:

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