Cost Per Mile / Total Miles

K PierreR

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It felt like that amount but must have been 60-70hours ? Mine is also a class 3 so it covers the distance a lot faster than a class one, as I often go for road rides @25-27mph.
All things considered, I probably work on the bike 10 minutes for every hour that I ride it. So perhaps 160 hours in 11,280 miles I generally ride 18-20 mph but that is not what the average comes out to.
At 25 to 27mph my bike would likely use 25-30 watt hours per mile. Too much wind and noise.


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OK, if enjoyment and health are an issue in cost calculations, you also have to add injuries sustained and they are common. so I would just take away all FUDGE FACTORS other than miles per $ spent on the bike and accessories. "Apples to apples".

My bike cost is looking to be quite low because I put on 5500km in 1/1/2 years.
Bike $1900
Locks $300
Helmet $70
Lights $175
Brakes stuff $40
Suspension post $100
$2600 CAD roughly $2000 in USD.
I could sell it for $900 today, I bet. I'd keep all the extras so my cost would be $1000 CAD tax not included for 5500 km
about $ 0.16 Canadian per km. or $0.12 USD.
It even seems like I made an error in calculation, it is so low.


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It really depends on how many years you own the bike. for example in my case since I bought 2 electric bikes in 5 years, I have a cost of around 0.7 Euros/ mile