Court Rye Birthday - Oct 13th

Ravi Kempaiah

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Da man @Court Rye's birthday is today (October 13th).

Everybody, at some point in their E-bike journey would have benefited from his work (reviews, write ups, interviews etc.) and I thought we all could wish him on this occasion.

Happy birthday Court. May you continue to do great work and be blessed with great health :)

enjoy your burfday ;)


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Happy B-day Court. My present is a site called A new Swedish e-bike called the Wallerang M.01, -- U.S. availability 4k. , with Steps tranmission and automatic shifting. You will love the camera setup . It rotates on a pole, with two cameras mounted on the reviewers helmet. Thanks for all you do. Your videos are great from Interbike.
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Tara D.

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Happy birthday
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Have a Blessed Birthday ! Court! GOD Bless you for all the work you do for us e- bikers! Thank you so much! Ken.
Keep looking up!