Creo/Vado SL Charger pins in danger...


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Has anyone already had problems with the pins of the SL charger?
Today I was cleaning (and moving) my creo a little bit while charging when charging stopped. A took of the plug and was unable to replug it. As I looked (for the first time ever...) inside, I saw two pins bent, the thin one and one of the big ones (which is also far from "thick" or durable...).
I was able to bent them back in place and charging worked again. But I think bending 1-2 times more and these pins are gone. So be careful here, better don't touch/move your SL bike while charging.
But also with now the fifth e-Bike in the family we never had a charger with so sensible AND unprotected pins.
Is the cable/the plug for the Extender battery the same? If so, this seems even more dangerous to me for the pins while riding the bike (especially offroad/gravel).