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Congrats on the new bike. Sounds like you made a great choice...
Update...around a week and 70 miles on the Civante... getting used to how to best work the power assist, and fast pedal cadence, > 75, really seems to optimize each level. Little mods that have helped me with comfort are 1) bigger pedals 2) little cushier seat 3) 35 degree rise 90 mm stem plus cheap stem extender gave about 3 inch bar rise, the max that the display cable will go, 4) bv rear mount kickstand. Also, needed to tighten the crank arms, after noticing consistent pedal vibration. Now for the fun part... been using kinda minimal assist and got a chance today to try out max.. hill in a local canyon park that's got some 20% grade, no way could have tackled it before, and the bike powered me up nicely.. so impressed! Battery overall still averaging close to 1% discharge per mile.. much better than I imagined. Really pleased with the bike so far... opens up a new world of biking possibilities... thanks again for all the info posted here.