Cross Current Dorado Wrong Replacement Brake Pads?


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I was really hoping that this wasn't a mistake since I had a coworker order them for me with their Amazon Prime to get them quick (& now have to ask them to possibly return), but these D40.11 disc brake pads don't fit the HD-E715 calipers on my CC.

They're advertised for HD-E710 but also 715 as per the Juiced site

The ones I took out are E10.11 & seems to be for the Auriga line of brakes. The pocket in the E715 caliper are too small to fit the D40.11.

I didn't realized how worn out my original front pads were until recently because it was making odd noises. It wore down to the metal backing & scored my rotor. This is after 5,000 miles.


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Thank you for the heads up, we corrected the page as to show the actual specification. As a guide, you can find your specific Tektro number on the bottom part of the lever


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Yep, the caliper spacing is different between the HD-710 and HD-715. I figured this out when I tried to install a 203mm front rotor on my Cross Current using a HD-715 caliper mount. It looks like the HD-710 uses the Tektro Auriga sized pads. Below is a good reference for the pads that will work with the Cross Current. I'm using the SwissStop Disc 15E on the front of my Cross Current. They stop really good but are a little noisy in wet conditions.

(Link Removed - No Longer Exists)