Cruiser for my wife - Pedago vs Evelo?


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Those two look nice but neither has a throttle that he initially wanted for his wife. Also, if he has a few hills I would think the more expensive one with more power and torque would be better choice.


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The Evelo limited may be more than you want to spend but has plenty of power for Seattle hills and has one of best warranties around.


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Northeast Pennsylvania
I think there is always some conformation bias in these comparative threads. I own three Pedego Platinum Interceptors and try to keep this in mind whenever discussing my bike brand. A lot of good information has been posted in this thread and I agree with most of it.

When e-bike shopping, I tested over a dozen different brands including an Evelo that I borrowed from a friend. I found it to be nearly identical to the Pedego in looks and performance. To be fair, these conclusions were based on just a 10 mile ride. The main difference of course is the price. Sure, there are many subtle differences that could sway a buyer either way but in the end, I chose the Pedego. The main reason was the dealer network and top notch customer service. My bikes are used by many friends & relatives and I wanted a brand with a low frequency of repair. Most of the ebike rental shops I have seen personally here in the northeastern US, rent Pedego bikes which in itself, seems to support these requirements. I'm sure this may be different in other parts of the country and others may not agree.

Admittedly, price wasn't a big factor for me. Yes, Pedego is expensive and had I been on a budget, I likely would have bought an Evelo. For all intensive purposes, both bikes fit my basic requirements and riding style.

Every rider has different needs & wants when it comes to buying a bike. style, performance, durability, warranty, availability, etc all come into play. That's what makes it so difficult to make recommendations. All anyone can do is relate their personal experience in order to help others make their own decision.

Personally, I don't think you would be unhappy with either of these two choices.

In any case, welcome to the forum and good luck with your search!