Cruising Cheetah Style!


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Love those smooth tires! Were they an upgrade?
They are new old stock Surly Black Floyds - they were discontinued about 4 - 5 years ago, and are scarce as hen's teeth in this part of the world. I am lucky to have a local bike shop owner in my town who was the Surly agent for NZ, who tracked these down for me.
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Great looking bike. What did that run you?
Pretty much what it would have in the United States, taking into account the exchange rate/taxes and tariffs etc. I had the grips and pedals from other projects - the saddle was $NZ 190.00 ($US 128.47 at todays exchange rate). I'm sworn to secrecy over the price paid for the tires...

Hugh Dunnit

Yesterday's madden voyage on the
McQueen 750 Rat! Awesome ride