CUBE Compact Hybrid Reach


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I am looking at the CUBE Compact Hybrid as the optimum bike for me. I didn’t want anything too big, but still fun to ride. I am 5’2” with a short torso. I am wondering about the reach at the lowest seat and handlebar settings. There are no dealers near me to try the bike and I am concerned about the bike’s reach being comfortable for me. I’ve seen the specs and they indicate a 16 inch reach. I am wondering if there is an ability to adjust the handlebars to lessen the reach.

I rode a Rad Mini which also says there is a 16 inch reach and it was not comfortable. I rode a Trek Verve 2 and I liked the upright position and the handlebars that curved back, but the bike felt big and I wanted thicker tires. I also tested an Aventon Pace but the throttle was very touchy.

Could someone that has a CUBE compact provide information on the ability to adjust the handlebars and verify the reach?