CUBE Kathmandu EXC 625 in da house!

Comfortably Numb

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Picked my CUBE up today.
I am blown away. A few initial impressions;
When riding, the bike is silent. No rattles, nothing. The shifting is awesome.
There is absolutely ZERO drag with assist OFF. (Bosch PL CX ) Rode most of the way home this way. (I haven't ridden for at least a year so I am really out of biking shape, especially with my shot lungs and repaired knee, so I am over the moon) Range is going to be just silly.
In TOUR and ECO there is absolutely ZERO motor noise. (Noise is why I had my eye on the Brose mid drive initially and took my 'chances' with the Bosch drive on the CUBE) This bike is plenty quiet. I can't imagine noise on higher assist modes will annoy me.
Did ride a wee bit in ECO and TOUR. I did not even try a higher assist level for ****** and giggles. When I went from ECO mode to OFF, the pedalling 'feel' did not change at all. Of course, in ECO mode, help was there on demand immediately.
The seat initially seems a bit firm to me but I've always found that after a bit of seat time my butt 'toughens' up, so all good for now. I have to adjust the suspension seat post. It is too firm as it is. I think I also need to take some air off the forks. They too were also a bit too firm for my liking. I just wanted to get the bike home before the expected rain later today. I'll deal with the few little issues there.
The bike was flawless when I took delivery. It's matt black/grey so it's sure going to show dust.
When I was at the LBS picking up my EXC there was an U.S. spec 45 Cube right next to mine with Court's name on a Post-it- Note for doing an EBR review. Apparently he has a Specialized out for review currently.
OH......and my EXC came with a 4A charger. CN