CUBE Reaction SL 500 (2017)


It was an odyssey to get a Cube Reaction SL (2017) in black. The delivery date was originally end of January 2017 – shifted, shifted, shifted, shifted – at begin of June they told me the next possible bike to get ist mid of July 2017. OK - Stop.
I was looking for a dealer who had the bike in stock but I would rather have supported a small local bike shop.

The plan is 5.000mi or 8.000km in the next 12 month at every wheather with
- commuting
- two kids bicycle trailer
- rear child seat
- few trails.

Praise and blame and an overview of the replaced components and wear parts from now on in my blog under Quick & Dirty.


I think also there are no reviews, I studied several forums. At the end i checked the parts list and asked myself if I really like the design. My main focus were on
  • motor (I always wanted that motor - I could test it with a borrowed bike for about 5,000km)
  • batterie (the bigger the better - so 500Wh is standard)
  • brakes (I liked the Shimano BR-M8000 from the borrowed bike, but the build in Shimano BR-615 are OK - they use the Shimano G02A pads with high endurance compared to Shimnano BR-315 with B01S pads)
  • gears / cassette (at least 10 gears / at least the XT deralleur)
Decision made - bought the bike - no review necessary.

I try to answer all questions you may have. My wife has the same bike, so we both can give our experiences.


So far the Cube has now 1.750km. 130km where with a heavy trailer.

What happened?
- 30km / flat front tire fixed
- 708km / gear shifting not perfekt any more and motor noisy
- 862km / SERVICE with torqued down motor srews, installed head light B&M EYC , triggered gear shift
- 1.200km changed brake pads. Choosed again G01S for front and rear.

To charge the battery while staying in the frame you have to open a rubber cap at the side of the frame. I lost this 2 times. If you pull to far, you pull out the securing nipple. 1st BLAME
The brakes are .... well not more than OK. After hard breaking or even in turns you hear the "zingggg zingggg" although the callipers are triggered in the right place. 2nd BLAME

Summer break, I will continue in September.