Cue the audio for Taps?


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I fear that my ebike battery has 1 foot in the grave :(

It's a rather basic ebike so the battery power indicator tends to go from 4 bars(fully charged) down to 1 bar when I'm solely using the throttle which I'll only do for like 1-2 minutes.

Then when I let up on the throttle the bars quickly shoot back up to 4 bars and stay there and deplete as one would expect during a 10 mile ride.(yeah, that's the max)

Recently, I'm noticing that I'm getting less distance when it's at the 1 bar stage in this cycle and have noticed that the battery shuts off if I stay on that 1 bar for too long.

It's a hassle as I then have to pull over and turn the key off to on...

Seems like I used to have a lot more throttle time when on 1 bar then I do now...

Any thoughts?

rich c

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Get a multimeter and check battery voltage, instead of looking at bars. Could be the controller, as easily as the battery. But since you tell us nothing about the bike (except rather basic) it's all guess work. Even the simplest thing like age or mileage would help a lot.


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When batteries get old and close to being done, they drop voltage as soon as a load is applied. Sounds to me like your ready for a new battery.