Curious article on an 'ebike' company

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Very odd set of 'facts' about this company - is the article true ? Or I can't even find the right company they are talking about ?

There is a company named Electric Bike Technologies. But could not find any company named eBike Technologies.

1. First it says the company has "7 models priced under $1000" . Looking at the website for the Electric Bike Technologies, shows zero models priced under $ 1000. Here in the reviews, they have 8 models priced. Between $2000 and $3498. Must not be that company.

2. Says company is on track to sell 150,000 units in 2020. For comparison, That would be 50,000 more than Rad had as its target for 2019 (no idea if it was achieved ), and Rad spends more than $100k per month on Google Ads alone, with more than 200 employees.

3. The website link shown at the bottom of the article does not work. What could be more important than a correct website link ? Is it even a real company ? Or did they mis spell Electric Bike Technologies actual name and get the wrong website ?

4. “Most loved brands in the US" ? Does that seem possible based either on a non existent company or if it's Electric Bike Technologies, which is a company with only 9 employees.

5. "Now an international multi million dollar electric bike company" ? And the two website links I tried, dont show anything resembling this is a broken link.

Maybe it was just a bunch of typos in this article ? ;)

Colorado Springs, CO.-- eBike Technologies, an electric bike company which began in March of 2017 after a very successful crowdfunding campaigns in history, has quickly grown to become one of the most loved electric bike brands in the U.S. With a rapidly successful start, the modestly priced and uniquely designed eBike Technologies e-bike continues its rapid growth in popularity, and is on track to reach the milestone of 150,000 e-bikes sold by the end of 2020.

eBike Technologies was the first to bring to the market an affordable direct-to-consumer model for everyday ebike shoppers. eBike Technologies sold their first ebike in 2015, generated from a crowdfunding campaign operating out of a garage in Colorado Springs, and quickly evolved into what is now an International multimillion-dollar electric bike company.

Most eBike Technologies owners purchase their ebikes without personally seeing or riding them, eliminating the need for retail stores and extensive warehousing. Without retail stores, the assembly process is with the buyer, lowering the overall cost. With assembly instructions, tech support, live chat, and videos, customers are able to assemble and ride their eBike Technologies at a fraction of the price than what’s offered by would-be competitors.

There are now seven eBike Technologies models, seven under $1,000. Three models are foldable, for added convenience, storage and portability. eBike Technologies are offered with varying tire and frame sizes to meet the demands of diverse riding styles and surfaces. Depending on the model, battery ranges vary between up to 20 and 60 miles with speeds of 20+ MPH. Motor sizes start at 350 Watts and go up to 750 Watts. eBike Technologies embraces a unique clean, head-turning design with an integrated battery and controller. When more expensive brands only offer models with bulky external batteries and utilitarian designs.

According to eBike Technologies, their owners are brand loyalists and ambassadors. eBike Technologies has been referred to as a “millenial brand” due to its growing following, innovative designs, competitive pricing, and cutting-edge business model. eBike Technologies makes it easy with just a $99 down payment to begin the process of ordering one of their electric bikes.

For more information on eBike Technologies, visit:

Website: (Link Removed - No Longer Exists)

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Google map of the address shows one of those co-shared office buildings in Colorado Springs, where there's probably a cubicle for this business that is shipping 3000 e-bikes per week. That's 600 per day,


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Amazing. Journalism died years ago. When you click on a second link in the article, it goes to Google maps of a supposed bike shop. I say 'supposed' bc another link takes you to a web page showing a couple photos of Sondors bikes. Sondors sells direct not through shops. A few photos on the Google page show some Asian people in a room with bikes. This was picked up as a highlighted story by Google News.
I think journalism is still alive. Tis changing though. You published this expose fairly easily... which was a nice thing to do.


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The google business listing for 'ebike technologies' in colorado springs has a bunch of pictures of all kinds of bikes and brands including sondors and radpower.
My guess it it's a fluff-piece to get web traffic - it's a 'search engine optimization' tactic.


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These always remind me of my favorite quote:

"just because it's on the internet doesn't make it true." Abraham Lincoln


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ha, if you search on their site for a dealer, they list every ebike, ebike related, bike, etc. bike clothing, etc. store in North America!

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A couple of observations (based on experience with the sleazy internet PR underworld):
  • As someone observed, you basically pay for posts like that. And in practice you don't pay very much.
  • Sometimes they will "stage" these posts, with fill-in-the-blanks company names, locations, and websites. So one possibility is that someone screwed up and shot this one off prematurely.
  • Based on the description of the company (and everything but the location) I am guessing this was a PR for Sondors.