Custom Electric Recumbent Ebike with Solar Charging Trailer


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Solar Electric Ebike Trailer. I use it with my Azub T-Tris 26 recumbent e-trike. Honza Gala
Equipped with: 750w 48v Bafang Mid-Drive. (700c display viewing wattage consumption) mounted on: I used the Cockpit mini-T.
I have 2 @ Shark Lithium-ion 52v 17ah NCR18650GA battery packs with t-cycle battery mounts: .
With help from Pat Franz at. 503-679-9942. (My go-to-guy for accessories/parts/fabrication) TerraCycle is located in SE Portland.
and Robert & Jonathan at . 971-337-5685 . (My go-to-guys for maintenance/parts/fabrication)
We fabricated an aluminum rack system bolted to a Zarges case that rest on a Surly Ted trailer.
**We made (PV) photovoltaic cables to connect the Solar Panel (with quick connects, to allow disconnecting trailer from the trike) to the Charge controller mounted on the trike rack. Then we then used heavy gauge battery stranded cables from the controller to the XLR connector to plug into the charge port on the batteries.
(some Batteries may have 2.5mm barrel charge port).
The ®SunPower solar panel & boost charge controller provide 170w in the sun. (Just enough to trickle charge) This keeps a constant low current flowing to the batteries to extend the range. *not enough to power the motor by it's self. It simply supplements the battery charge to get me further down the road.
Purchased the AZUB T-Tris from dealer: Mark Waters, 541-323-3460 Bend, Oregon .
Purchased the Bafang BBS02 from RoseCityRecumbentCycles in Portland, I have all my maintenance here. Robert & Jonathan are the best, they did the setup, installed the Rohloff, and hydraulic disc brakes on all 3 wheels for stopping power with trailer. Plus many more upgrades to the AZUB etrike.
Safety Equipment (a must) . Flags from RoseCityRecumbent, 3M reflective streamers & Lighting accessories/mounts/chain tubes from T-Cycle.
Help from Julie at Universal Cycle in PDX. Julie Noel owner: Different Spokes "Empowering People of all Abilities thru Cycling" 503-512-5456

Sun Powered Yachts. ®SunPower Solar Panel:
lineup of all flexible panels.
I chose the SPR-E-FLEX 170 (6x8) panel.
170w ®Maxeon-Gen III cells - High Efficiency (25%) 6.3 lbs Flexible 29.4v 5.84a
Contact Lyall @ 808-825-2670

Genasun MPPT Boost Charge Controller
I chose the Genasun GVB-8-WP-56.8v-Li WaterProof for it’s application
Contact Ryan Gurin 760-208-2149.
Ryan can help you select the correct controller for your project: ie: lithium/SLA, 36v-48v-52v etc...


Interview video with Court:

30sec Trailer for the Solar Ebike Trialer:
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Photos of the Solar Ebike Trailer


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