Custom folding eBike creation from Greece


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Can't vouch for actual performance, but one of our FB Endless Sphere members fom Greece posted this foldable EBike he built. It's a Lefty Fork!

ebike greece.jpg

His claims: Everything is made of Aluminum, it rides smoothly and sharp (or even sharper as geometry can be adjusted from the fork plates). It weghts 17.5Kg but due to its geometry it feels featherlight.It has a build-in battery of 10.8Ah at 36V. Oh it's a folding bike too


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Wow! That's a neat creation... The lefty fork keeps it light weight and the rear chainstay/seatstay is a "righty" with only one arm as well, perfectly balancing out the visual symmetry of the bike. Props to the maker!

I also like that it uses larger sized wheels for improved rolling momentum and overcoming cracks and bumps. This thing looks cool and the fact that it folds is a huge bonus. Thanks for the share JoePah :D