Custom Riding Modes for Nyon


I just purchase the custom ride options for the Nyon. I am playing with different settings and would be curious to know what others have done. or are thinking of doing. My settings are posted below. In mode 1, I was trying to create an assist level that would just help to get me started and stop providing any assist at around 20 mph (actually shuts motor off, may lower to 15 mph). Mode 4 was the maximum assist, but not starting at 340% which is how Bosch programs the standard settings. Switching between standard and custom is a multi step process, so I felt I needed to provide max power as a safety factor when using my custom modes. On my 'wish list' from Bosch would be a setting that would let the rider cycle thru all 8 ride modes. My goal is to create setting that help me maximize my exercise routine. I like the motor support to decline as you gain speed and the standard setting provide the same amount of support thru the entire speed range. This is very much a work in process and I expect to see many modifications to the attached graph.


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