Custom Riding Modes for Nyon


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Originally, I was experimenting with custom modes where every level of assist was turned down. For instance I would have Eco or M1 at around 40%. The stock assist levels for the Performance Speed motor are 60%, 140%, 240% and 340%. But now I've tried something a little different and I like the results although they are baffling me a little. I set the M1 at higher than Eco off-the-line and then tailing off to stock-Eco-level by 10 mph - on the logic I'd get a little more boost from a stop. Same pattern for the other assist levels but at much lower %'s relative to the stock settings:

Prior to having the Nyon, if I did a ride mostly in Eco, it seemed the best I could ever achieve in the motor vs rider was 45% motor and 55% rider (based on Kiox feedback). But the settings above riding mostly in M1 are giving me about 43% motor and 57% rider. I would have thought with the extra power off-the-line that my motor support would have increased relative to the stock Eco setting. For instance I just did a short 10 mile ride over to Starbucks and I was 87% in M1 and 13% in M2 - and that resulted in 57% rider and 43% motor. Seems a little odd to me. If the % motor/rider includes freewheeling (no support), I still would have thought the motor support would have been closer to 60%. Anyway, I find the settings above are giving me a nice blend of decent average and top speeds and still a good workout.