Cutler's Fusion eBike (549 USD with 37mph speed)

George S.

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The bike was on Kickstarter. I remember the logo. My gripe is pretty basic. The lead acid batteries are just too heavy and they don't work that well with high current stuff like ebikes. He could buy LiFePo packs in China for around $500, and the whole thing would work a lot better. He could get rid of most of that housing. I'm not saying it is easy to get quality LiFePo packs out of China, but the pouch batteries are pretty basic and he would be buying in some volume. I wish the guy luck. He's very dedicated to his concept. The ebike rules are probably going to change in California, and they are complicated anyway. It's more of an off-road bike, at 35 mph. I'm not sure if the frame is great at that speed.

The RadRover was a lot better design, I think. They were at $1000 a couple of months back.

Here's the kind of Chinese battery he might use:

I don't know anything about the company. You might bounce it off Cutler. He's using 12v lifepos, maybe to fill the space taken by the lead acids in the housing.


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Red flag concerns:
Multiple grammar errors on the post and the linked site.

92 lbs doesn't sound like a bike to me.

It looks like a motorcycle.


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he is using multiple cells inside that casing. thats how he gets 48v.
Yes there are grammar mistakes but meh, i dont really mind that much.
He shows the bike in action and there is already a review out there.
He already sells the Fusion with LifePo batteries George. Check the campain.

What he basicly did was take a look at the review he got at the kickstarter time and improved the bike over that older campain.
The LifePo version is 949USD but 70lbs. still on the heavy side, but it packs alot speed and features.

George S.

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I know he is using LiFePo, but he is using individual 12v packs or batteries, which seems a bit inefficient. The packs that are built at 48v are 15 AH, and a lot simpler to mount.

I just can't see the lead acid version, with all the weight. I know it gives him a good price, but I've used lead acid enough to know that you can't discharge very often below 50%. And the harder you draw them down, the shorter the amp hour life. He says 15AH, but that's at 1/20 C rate. A bike like that will be 2C with a slow cruise. The numbers are tough, trying to get range out of those lead batteries, if you want speed.


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hmm sounds logical.
He says his lead-acid version is way more stable and better then others. Check out some stuff on google he seems to be correct.
Anyhow, i will for sure buy the LiFePo version...


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EBR should remove the Cutler Fusion review from their site. Turns out Lamont Cutler did not fulfill his Indiegogo pledge, made up a fake theft story and bilked backers out of all their money. He even turned off his Cutler Cycles Facebook page. Another crowd funding scammer