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I've been learning a lot about the Cycle Analyst computer system for electric bikes since I had the chance to test ride the Outrider 422 Alpha and Stealth Fighter, Bomber and Hurricane. All of these bikes rely on the Cycle Analyst because it offers system control features vs. simple readouts ( it can limit volts or amps to the motor). This feature helps to make these electric bikes legal in the US given their higher performance potential.

For example, the Stealth Bomber is capable of reaching 50 miles per hour and comes stock with a 4,500 watt motor. To qualify as an electric bike in the USA (and thus not require insurance or a license to ride in the city and on bike paths) an ebike is supposed to be limited to 20 miles per hour (in throttle mode, can hit 27 in pedal assist mode) and have a motor no larger than 750 watts. So in essence, the Cycle Analyst "tames" these higher performance ebikes when necessary but then lets you switch back for conditions that allow it.

There are three versions of the Cycle Analyst computer, having been launched sequentially with each offering more features. The newest version (version 3) offers temperature sensing (to avoid overheating of motors) torque sensing (for smoother, more natural pedal assist) and a direct current outlet for running lights or other accessories. These features are in addition to the standard volts at rest or when riding, current flow into and out of the battery and relative to time, speed in m/hr or k/hr and energy limit in amps or volts. It also shows battery cycles completed, total amp hours used, total miles traveled on the bike and trip distance.

The Cycle Analyst system was created by Justin Lemire Elmore who runs a site called Endless Sphere and He created in response to the needs of ebike enthusiasts who like to modify and create their own electric bikes but needed a battery control system and dashboard. It's not the cheapest solution out there (costing between $150 and $200 depending on the options you get), but it offers a lot of customization and it's backlit!

For more on the Cycle Analyst including some great pictures, check out the article on at and the official page at

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