CYRUSHER Misses Ship Date, So They Sent Me A New Helmet For Free+Military Discount


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Back in mid-August I ordered a Kommoda in orange color which I knew was not in stock. They gave me a ship date of Sept 10th (now Sept 25th) and when it wasn't ready on the 10th, they sent me a Cyrusher helmet for free. Also, when I placed the order I was provided with a $200 military discount.

Not too shabby!



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They don't show a military--or any other-- discount on their web site except for offers like "$500 off for 2 bikes." I asked for it in an on-line chat with "Fiona" and she checked with her manager and got approval for it. She asked how much and I said $200.

In terms of dollar value, the helmet they sent sells for $55 on their web site. What's impressive is they offered it to me without any action on my part--on Sept 16th in an on-line chat with "Michele" I simply asked if they had a revised ship date. She said she would check with the shipping department and "get back to me." (yeah right, like she might ever get back to me.) Lo and behold, the next business day I received an email invitation for an on-line chat. I logged on to my account and shortly Michele came on and wrote "I checked with our shipping department again about your orange Kommoda. We will ship it to you in 10 working days and send a tracking number to you." I believe they ship out of Arizona, so the cross country trek to me should put the bike in my possession during the first week of October.

Like many, I'm quite jaded about expected ship dates. Time will tell. I am impressed with their pre-delivery customer service, even with the botched delivery dates---the free helmet certainly helped.
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That's good to know. I did the same with Super 73 but they are Veteran owned. I wasn't around back then but the last few years of the industry feels alot like it's the wild wild west. I have bought and sold 31 ebikes over the past 3 years. It's either been a win win. Or a drastic loss. But I'm hooked. As long as the Govt. can keep their laws in check. But there's money to be had. I'm glad I got to see it grow. Having only one knee that works. I'm just happy to be on the road again. Sold all 11 of my cars. Hell If I can do it. Anybody can. Take care enjoy your ride. By the way This is totally unsolicited but the best all around experience I have had was thr Ariel rider X. A real "Class" act. For real. I let some guy talk me into selling it. I just can't stand to hear a grown man beg.


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